Dating an antique bitters bottle

In the middle of the 1800s, a snap tool was invented which let a glass blower or gaffer hold a glass bottle without a rod.This tool eliminated the sharp pontil mark (the broken end of the glass rod) at the base of a bottle.Many people have old bottles and don't know how to tell how old they are.Since bottles can be very valuable and collectible, knowing the approximate age of a bottle can help you sell them for top dollar. I made arrangements to meet a lady driving from Florida to her childhood home in Wausau off the Madison turnpike... Those three weeks went fast except when i thought about seeing these treasures.

In 1992 Glass Works Auction sold the bitters bottle collection of the late Dan Murphy of Utica, New York.Siegert died in 1870, his sons relocated the business from the politically unstable Venezuela to Trinidad in 1875. Sometime shortly after this, the son in charge of Angostura lost all of his money in bad business deals and Angostura was taken by his creditors.Why is the Angostura Bitters Label Too Big for the Bottle?Siegert was the Surgeon General of Simon Bolivar's army.In fact the town of Angostura is now called Ciudad Bolivar.