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Last year, the company that also makes ATMS, self-service checkout machines and airport check-in kiosks, launched a program that merges its software with the i Pad.

The quote may be spurious, but it contains a grain of truth. That technology, followed by the development of smartphones that double as cameras, has battered Kodak's old film- and camera-making business almost to death.

Between 20, downloads of Pixite apps jumped from 395,472 to 3.1 million, and annual revenue doubled to 3,000.

Pixite grew along with its cash flow, expanding from two to six employees as it explored ways to link its apps together and grow a loyal base of customers. Last year downloads flattened, and Pixite’s revenues plunged by a third, to 9,000.

At last we’re starting to see some momentum on DAB digital radio.

Volkswagen has just become the first mainstream manufacture to announce it will equip all its cars with digital radio for free, while sales data from analyst CAP shows that to the end of April 55 per cent of new cars were sold with DAB capability.