Geektools clock not updating egyptian men dating black women

********************************************************************************************************** Desktop: Geektool files & Hack: Ian Michael Smith: Inspired by Ian Michael Smith: First off, if this seems complicated, it's because IT IS.

The makers of geektool never promised otherwise (for now). Fonts: Helvetica Neue; light and ultralight The codes: This is the most difficult part to get right. id=16801674&p=1 WEATHER ICON file://localhost/tmp/Refresh rate: 600*Shows image from the "fetcher" shell* ***************************************************** WEATHER CONDITIONS (must be personalised) curl --silent " showtopic=11720 ORthe non-hacking required way (easy):

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p=CAXX0236&u=c" | grep -E '(Current Conditions:|C< BR)' | tail -n1 | sed -e 's///' -e 's/ C$/˚C/' Refresh Rate: 600 Simply replace CAXX0236&u=c with your own city's address ***The final letter c in " CAXX0236&u=c" refers to celsius, so replacing it to the letter"f" makes it fahrenheit HOW TO: - go to : - find your city's weather page by searching it - click on the rss feed button (it's orange and says RSS...) - the last part of the webpage's address is what you need to replace my own code above ***************************************************** WEATHER IMAGE FETCHER (must be personalized) create an empty shell with this code: curl --silent -o /tmp/; Refresh rate: 600 *Fetches image from yahoo server and store it locally.* Simply replace with your own city's address HOW TO: - go to : - find your city's weather page by searching it - the last part of the webpage's address is what you need to replace my own code above ***************************************************** DATE date " %a, %B %d" Refresh rate: 1000 ***************************************************** TIME date " %l:%M" Refresh rate: 20 ***************************************************** UPTIME uptime | sed 's/.* up /Uptime: /' | sed s/,.*//; Refresh rate: 60 *There is a better uptime code but I can't find it right now so I'll post it on my next geektools desktop.* ********************************************************************************************************** This Geektool desktop was inspired and based on Ian Smith's creations: and by Randall Creasey take on it: ********************************************************************************************************** The menu bar was changed to black thanks to:! v=i9G1CV3wc RU using Nocture (free): ********************************************************************************************************** I've also made the menu bar auto-hide (somewhat hit&miss depending on the app) thanks to magic menu: Menu/ **don't use with apps that need to connect to your keychain as magic menu breaks the link, you can go back on this though.

More Info and Download: Wallpaper Clocks Windows users can check our desktop wallpaper tools section to know about the various wallpaper tricks and hacks we’ve covered so far.

Generally, computer desktops are a mess to deal with.

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