James franco dating ahna o

And when the Toronto Film Festival opens next week, the actor will be hoping that the talk will be centred once again on his Renaissance-man qualities and not the scandal that rocked Hollywood last year.The actor/director/producer/scriptwriter/university lecturer was – as a producer and star of The Interview – at the centre of the biggest Tinseltown story in years, one that eventually brought down the co-chairman of Sony, Amy Pascal, in February.26-Sep-2011 heart attack)Mother: Betsy Verne (poet, author, editor, b. ter - who has been single since splitting from Ahna O'Reilly after five years of dating in 2011 - insists he is "shy" around the opposite sex but is slowly improving his social skills, though he doesn't have much time to meet people.

I was in the, like, top AP calculus class when I was a junior. I think I get a lot from my dad, because he worked in Silicon Valley, but he always had these side projects.

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This list of James Franco’s girlfriends includes Amanda Seyfried, Ahna O'Reilly, and Lindsay Lohan.

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