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In Italy, as in Germany, the religious group was looked upon with grave concern because of its pacifism (members chose to refuse military service), its political neutrality, and its dislike of any form of totalitarianism. In fact, the Witnesses were often forced to live in secluded villages in the south of Italy, villages that were freed by the allies before September, 1943, allowing them to avoid deportation.

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1 Examining papers regarding Jehovah's Witnesses in the State Record Office, we find some interesting items. All of these are of concern not only to Jehovah's Witnesses, but also to the many who show interest in and respect for their upright way of life. See also the Department of Interior's communication "General Direction of the Police, General and Reserved Affairs Department" First Division, record n.

There are documents dating from 1927: statements from the Prefect of the Department of the Interior; information from the Department itself, from various Prefects, and from the Superintendent of Police; reports from the O. What, then, was the reason for such intensive scrutiny and careful record keeping?