Kyrgyzstan love dating

Hey all you paddlers and water junkies: Imagine a river with steep, big water rapids like the Stikine in British Columbia running through deep-walled canyons like the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

It’s understandably hard to visualize, but these pictures of Kyrgyzstan’s Sary-Jaz River should help.

But it's a commitment from start to finish, and dating is never a "let's see what happens" thing.

Uzbek men and women don't spend years, "wasting time" with someone.

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You meet a girl or boy, you "date" for a few months, and then you decide you'd like to get married.

The boy (or, man), requests his future wife's hand in marriage from the father of the bride-to-be, and the engagement period is really what takes time.

Sex before marriage is still not common, and certainly not discussed.

Dating periods, particularly with a Muslim Uzbek (which most are, and take their religion very seriously), are short.