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For this reason, it's worth checking whether you really need to update your BIOS.Read the release notes of the latest version (and each version back to the one currently installed) to see whether it will add the features you need or fix a problem you're having.See also: How to install Windows 7 Before you start, heed this warning: if something goes wrong during the BIOS update, your computer could be rendered useless.If there's a power cut, or the computer gets turned off while updating, it could mean that it's unable to boot at all. The monitor is turned OFF or the cables are disconnected.This could happen at any time during the lifecycle of the computer.Or maybe the system has gone into power conserving mode. Power cycle the monitor (turn OFF and then ON) and wait for a minute or two to see if screen lights up. Wiggle the mouse or press ENTER on the keyboard and watch the display screen. Check the power supply to the monitor and the cables connecting the monitor to the computer. Check that there is a connection between the keyboard and the computer.If the keyboard is not connected or if it has just been hosed, or if the computer restart has not initialized the keyboard before it stopped and gave you the blank screen, then your none of the keys work! After the above checks, restart the computer and see if it is okay. A component in the computer (such as a graphics card) may have overheated.

Not all computers will have the same BIOS manufacturer, let alone the same exact process, but they all share similar steps and precautions.

I would say, just go for it - some modern machines offer the ability to back up the BIOS and recover in the event of an error.

If however you don't have this option, make sure you have access to another machine so that you can download a recovery image or emergency image (different names across different manufacturers) so you can do a recovery if needed. Changing it back after flashing made Windows boot normally.

This way, if the update goes wrong, you'll know what to do.

Usually in modern BIOS updates, the whole BIOS isn't replaced at the same time.