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Has your Sister ever wrecked your car, trashed your apartment, fucked your friend - and never paid you back?My four sisters were all total fuckups so I can seriously relate to having sisters that trash your shit and then have no way or desire to pay you back.What I'm interested in is the fact that in Britain there is a CUT VERSION available: UK:18R (cut) (adult version) / UK:18 (cut) / USA: Not Rated How CAN this movie even be cut to begin with? If you cut out the hardcore you have the following scenes left:underwear for thirty seconds before having explicit sex - Paris Hilton saying "That's hawt" about a million times It's rather unfortunate that such a big ordeal was made out of such a nasty and unexciting porno tape. Not that I have a habit of watching celebrity porno tapes (they're the only two I've seen, unless you count thirty seconds of the one with Brett Michaels), but I'm pretty sure watching some ugly dog have sex for 62 minutes with a guy who looks like a shaven mole rat isn't my idea of a provocative and erotic night in.Oh wow she's Paris Hilton so her sex tape is automatically controversial and the best ever made.

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