Updating gmail

Unfortunately, this new Gmail refresh still doesn’t include a unified inbox, so you’ve got to switch between personal and work accounts and view them individually.

That alone means I’ll probably be sticking with other email apps for the time being.

Other aspects of the mail app have been improved, leading to faster app utility overall, as well as faster scrolling, and much faster notification from Gmail than before.

In the previous versions, testing revealed a user notification being sent to the user about 18 seconds after mail receipt, with the new version sending the new mail notification also nearly instantaneously.

While Apple decided to make all of our other dreams come true with various announcements at WWDC, it also took care of this annoying Gmail bug.

If you have the beta, the trick to the new update is selecting the "Automatically" fetch schedule option on you i Phone.

According to The only downfall appears to be the fact that your i Phone's Mail app will only automatically fetch your mail only when on power and Wi-Fi.

But at the time, neither of these options worked for Google / Gmail accounts — only for and Office 365 accounts. Today Microsoft announced that it going to be rolling out Gmail support to Windows Insiders over the next few weeks before a wider release to all consumers.

Users chosen for early access will receive a prompt to update their account settings to get started.