Updating wallpaper

It automatically updates the images on a schedule, from every 30 seconds to every hour.You get control over which categories the images are pulled from, and can tone them down with blurring and dimming effects among many other advanced features.

updating wallpaper-12

Double tapping your home screen reveals the artwork in all its glory. It works with anything from Flickr and Reddit, to National Geographic and NASA’s Image of the Day.

Update: it seems like it's also important to erase the folder It happened to me once, and I simply deleted Bing Desktop, rebooted, ran CCleaner, rebooted again, then re-installed Bing, and it's been fine ever since...

I used to use Display Fusion, but after Windows 8 there wasn't much point...

I read here that deleting the themes folder it will get remade with the new images, and it worked.

However those are not the files used by the Wallpaper app and deleting the images folder won't get the same result.