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The Dashboard is the main interface for the Xbox 360 console.

Users that first boot up the console are brought to the Dashboard, from where they can launch games, navigate to the Xbox Live Marketplace, change system settings, or use various other Xbox features.

Similar to how a user would control actions on an i Pad, swiping gestures move the menus.

Speech recognition also works with the Kinect system and users can directly travel to tabs within the interface by stating “Xbox: Tab Name”.

You will not be able to connect to Xbox Live until you grab this latest dashboard download.

Purchase history and password resetting are now more straightforward and there's a new network statistics screen to better see what your console is up to online.Users can also set the updates to fire out constantly as achievements are earning while playing a game, but those Facebook updates may be marked as spam by friends if the frequency is out of control.Kinect integration has also been expanded and gesture controls are more widespread across the entire interface.Increased hard drive support has been one of the most-requested features for Xbox 360 on the official Xbox Feedback website.While monthly Xbox One updates continue, this is the first major addition to the Xbox 360 in some time.