Vince vaughn quote from wedding crashers about dating

I like to commit in that moment like we’ve been friends forever and I’m happy for you. Why does he love that feeling of creating that in his life?

Right now, right now she doesn't know where the kids are, do you? As the wedding season draws to a close, John and Jeremy worm their way into the social event of the season - the wedding of one of the daughters of the U. Vince Vaughn on His Character: “I kind of thought of always like the friend, the big lovable friend who kind of loves life. But yeah, it was more kind of that big, lovable friend and he’s just kind of like a big kid.”Vince Vaughn’s Take on Weddings: “I do like weddings, even more so now because it’s all perspective, isn’t it? But I think he’s so kind of innocent and happy, and even like how I deal with Owen [Wilson] when things go bad is like I’m mad, I want to go home, the sleepover’s over here. It is an insane pathetic joke, what I've had to go through. I'm so sick to death of you talking about me as a mother - and what I've done wrong! She'd just drop 'em off - with a fireman, you know? I am sick of you accusing me of not being a good mother!